Depending on the event format, we recommend individual room settings.
The rooms can also be rented individually.

The Hall of Mirrors

The spacious, prestigious room, formerly used as a reception room, can accommodate up to 60 persons for stylish banquet events or dinners.

If you want to rent the Hall of Mirrors for lectures, meetings or discussion rounds, you can plan with appropriate seating of up to 70 persons.

The Red Salon

Our Red Salon is a comfortable solution for informal meetings and dining with a maximum of 20 persons (50 persons including the bar).

Take advantage of the special atmosphere of the former living room and music room and take your guests to a place where past and present meet in a wonderful way.

Helo Systems Lounge

Libraries have their own special flair. This is also the case in the Meyersche Villa, where the Helo Systems Lounge is the centre of the house. Use this special aura of knowledge for your readings, salon talks, business meetings or lectures. The Helo Systems Lounge also has two humidors with exquisite tobacco products.


The heart of the modern furnished bar is the spectacular espresso machine - Belle Epoque: a retro-style hand-crafted model. In combination with the Red Salon and/or terrace, the bar can be used for about 50 persons. In addition to the classic use as a bar, this room also offers space for a buffet, live cooking station etc.


The stately foyer is a stunning entrée to our members, you and your guests. In winter, the fireplace can be lighted and the piano can be used for musical accompaniment or concerts.

Terrace and garden area

Our members and guests appreciate the retreat on the covered terrace in all weather conditions. The garden is suitable for BBQs, family celebrations etc.