June 15th: "EM-Arena" - France vs. Germany

June 4th, 2021: Club & CigarLounge: Club life is back - with Drinks & BBQ

February 18th, 2021: ClubLive: Hans Strobl, Attorney General of the Free State of Saxony

The recorded video of the talk can be found at the following link:

February 10th, 2021: Talk with Karsten Günther, Perry Bräutigam and Elke Simon-Kuch

The recorded video of the talk can be found at the following link:

January 28th, 2021: Talk with Katrin (Kati) Hart

The recorded video of the talk can be found at the following link:

December 16th, 2020: Christmas Party

December 9th, 2020: EnglishLounge with Robert Moore

December 2nd, 2020: Talk with Dr. Gabriele Goldfuß and Luoding Lammel-Rath

The recorded video of the talk can be found at the following link:

November 12th, 2020: Talk with Peter Beyer

The recorded video of the talk can be found at the following link:

November 11th, 2020: EnglishLounge with Kaithlyn Kennedy and Antar Keith

October 22th, 2020: ClubvorOrt – FACLO DER! Tisch


October 16th, 2020: ClubSpecial „Let´s Dance“
Dance lesson with Tanzschule Oliver und Tina

October 14th, 2020: Club & CigarLounge "Gin Tasting"

Monastic Dry Gin presented by Pater Dr. Justinus C. Pech


October 7th, 2020: ClubvorOrt – FACLO DER! Tisch


October 3rd, 2020: Vorstellung des neuen US-Generalkonsuls Ken Toko  


October 2nd, 2020: BusinessFrühstück „Servus Bayern“  

September 30th, 2020: Sigmar Gabriel  

September 24th, 2020: general meeting  


September 23th, 2020: ClubvorOrt - Niemeyer Sphere  

guided tour Techne Sphere & Dinner  


September 22th, 2020: Prof. Dr. med. habil. Christoph Lübbert 

September 17th, 2020: ClubvorOrt – Golfakademie Hufeisensee

Trial course, scramble competition with Christoph Jungert

September 16th, 2020: LadiesLunch with Petra Köpping

September 8th, 2020: Club & CigarLounge "South Africa"

September 4th, 2020: WelcomeLounge

September 2nd, 2020: ClubTalk with Prof. Ruprecht Eser and Dunja Hayali

July 30th, 2020: Club & CigarLounge - Winetasting

July 22th, 2020: ClubvorOrt - FALCO DER! Tisch

July 2nd, 2020: Torsten Schultze

June 25th, 2020: Petra Köpping

June 23th, 2020: LadiesLunch with Dr. h.c. Thomas Sattelberger

May 28th, 2020: ClubLounge - Club life is back with Drinks and BBQ

May 7th, 2020: ClubLounge Digital "Members to members"

April 23th, 2020: ClubTV live - Episode 2: Prof. Dr. Lucas F. Flöther and Dr. Wolfram Schmitt in conversation with Detlef Bischoff

April 9th, 2020: ClubTV live - Episode 1: Dr. Wolfgang Knirsch and Detlef Bischoff in conversation with Norman Landgraf

March 6th, 2020: LadiesLunch

February 5th, 2020: Prof. Dr. Werner J. Patzelt

January 10th, 2020: BusinessBreakfast presented by Synapsio

December 31th, 2019: Silvester-Party

December 19th, 2019: Christmas-Party

December 10th, 2019: EnglishLounge with Abdu Basalama

November 28th, 2019: Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner

 November 5th, 2019: ClubTalk with Georg Mascolo and Prof. Ruprecht Eser

October 26th, 2019: Leipziger Opernball "La Dolce Vita in Südtirol"

September 10th, 2019: Dr. Johannes Beermann, board member Deutsche Bundesbank

September 23th, 2019: armenian evening with his Excelleny Ambassador Ashot SMBATYAN

September 17th, 2019: 22th general meeting 

September 11th, 2019: EnglishLounge with Mark Stoneking

September 10th 2019: Club International goes future – panel discussion 

September 6th, 2019: BusinessBreakfast presented by Allianz Beratungs- und Vertriebs-AG Vertriebsdirektion Leipzig

September 3rd, 2019: ClubTalk with Prof. Ruprecht Eser and Fritz Pleitgen

August 29th, 2019: summer party "La Dolce Vita"

July 4th, 2019: ClubvorOrt  Museum der bildenden Künste – YOKO ONO – PEACE is POWER

July 2nd, 2019: Talk – Ralf Rangnick in dialogue with Franziska Schenk

June 19th, 2019: Club & CigarLounge brazilian evening

June 17th, 2019: Christian Lindner

June 13h,  2019: BusinessLunch with Julie Fisher

June 7th, 2019: BusinessBreakfast presented by JAF IMHOLZ GmbH in cooperation with Kiebitzberg Möbelwerkstätten

June 5th, 2019: LadiesLunch with Prof. Dr. med. Beate A. Schücking